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WHAT YOU'll receive

Provide Parent Engagement for Youth Sports Coaches

Monitor course completion by coaches in your organization

Social media partnership announcement 

Your organization or club logo placed on our website

Permission to share the Course logo on your website

Coaches who are more supported and satisfied

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BENEFITS OF Parent Engagement

Parent Engagement solves many of our issues in youth sports. 

Your coaches will learn everything they need to know to implement effective parent engagement programming with their team.

 Parent engagement is not complicated, it simply requires intentionality.

The benefits of effective parent engagement programming:

  • Players experience heightened inspiration.
  • Players are more motivated.
  • Players have stronger self-belief.
  • Players train on their own.
  • Decrease in the dropout rate.
  • Parents are more empathetic.
  • Increased coach satisfaction.
  • Improved club culture.


 Choose the number of courses you want and click BUY!

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I distribute the course within my organization?

We will create a website page specific to your organization on that will include a message from our founder, a message from you (if you email it to us), a link to register for the course, as well as some additional resources for your parents and coaches. All you have to do is share the website page URL with whomever you want to have access to the course and when the click on it, they will be able to register.

Alternatively, we will also send you a Group Leader Page URL - that will include all of your organization tracking information such as who has registered and completed the course, how many more courses you have left, etc. From this Group Leader Page you are also able to add people directly to the course by importing their name and email, and when you do, they will receive an invitation to register for the course.

I paid for a course partnership, now what?

Within 2 business days you will receive an email from with your Group Website Page and your Group Leader Page. Once you have those pages, you will be able to have people in your organization register and take the course.

I need to send your our organizational logo, how do I do that?

Email a transparent .png (preferred) logo to We will confirm receipt. If you are having trouble emailing it, you may text it to 804-467-7041.

I need to purchase more courses, how do I do that?

Simple - email and we will send you an invoice and the ability to pay via credit card or via check. Once we receive your payment, we will update the number of available courses you have, and you will see this change listed on your Group Leader Page.

How do I print a report of who has taken the course?

Go to your Group Leader Page that was emailed to you from You can find the reports drop down just above the Course Progress area. Simply click on the report, download as an excel document, and you have what you need!

I opted to send you a check instead of pay with credit card – who do I make the check out to and where do I send it?

Checks should be payable to The Sideline Project and can be sent to:
The Sideline Project
100 Concourse Boulevard, Suite 106
Glen Allen, VA 23059

I need a copy of your 1099 in order to process the payment for my organization

You can find a copy of our 1099 HERE, note it's for our holding company, Soccer Parenting.

I want to put the course logo on our website, where do I find it?

Our logo is available for download HERE.

I am a Course Partner and have the 1-4 sentence blurb to add to our Group Page – who do I send it to?

Great! We will add it to your group page. Email it to and be sure to indicate your organization name, the name of the person who the 1-4 sentence blurb should be attributed to, the title of this person at the club (Director of Coaching, Board Member, etc.)

Steps to course access for your organization 

When you purchase courses, you become a partner.
Choose the number of courses you want
Click Buy and fill out the Registration Form
Pay online or
via check
Receive access to Course, Partner Hub  & downloads
Track and monitor course completion
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Sports Better